My Enemy

The Milk Run that was.

Dragonfly cufflinks. Non-standard.

In Japan dragonflies symbolize “martial success,” due to similarity in the sound of the word “dragonfly” and “victory” in Japanese. As a seasonal symbol, the dragonfly is associated with late summer and early autumn. More generally, in Japan dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness, and they often appear in art and literature, especially haiku. In ancient mythology, Japan was known as Akitsushima, which means “Land of the Dragonflies”.

Suit. Pseudonym. Sabotage. Standard. Target Gaeatronics.

“Gaeatronics. Powering Seattle . . . Naturally.” Gaeatronics is an A-rated multinational corporation owned by the Salish tribe, with headquarters in Olympia in the Salish-Shidhe Council. The corporation is the largest one in the SSC and is primarily known for power generation, usually by eco-friendly means.

Payment cash and non-voting Shiawase Atomics NW stock options. Non-standard. . .

shiawase: fortune; good fortune; happiness
Shiawase Corporation (シアワセ, “happiness”), headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is the third largest corporation in the world and the largest Japanese corporation. It is generally considered the first megacorporation. . .

. . . and cliched.

Operation – Milk Run. Results: Milk Run.

Update: Additional operation.

“As I said before:”

Lie. News reports confirm border crossing incident story. Operation in diplomatic enclave. Target: Tablet in Council Island Hotel.

Welcome to the Council Island Inn and Spa, a rainforest hideaway in Seattle’s Council Island Diplomatic Enclave on the sparkling shores of Large Lake. Our Duwamish-themed resort, only 10 miles from Seattle International Airport, offers casual elegance. . .

Street violence before operation. Null Threat.

First team still on play. Silenced gunfire undetected over festival celebrations. Panzer suffered central motivator damage. Took subject alive, completed objective. Avoided detection on exit.

Abnormally smooth operation.

What-ever can happen will happen if we make trials enough. -De Morgan.

Assuming no more than Aleph-naught possibilities of course.


Rook, Lincoln, Bo, Panzer, Malacant.

5 xp, 15,000 Nuyen (- lifestyle), plus 1000 Nuyen of Shiawase NW Atomics common non-voting stock. (The stock briefly spiked at triple original value, but has dropped back to normal value since then).

The Milk Run that was.

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