My Enemy

This isn't what I signed up for (is it?)

What a day. Team Alpha extracted the Patient 19 (apparently the embryo, not the pregnant chicka), in the morning. The op went smooth, one nurse vulcan pinched, not even a car chase getting out of there. Total milk run. The lowborn (I should have paid more attention and gotten their names) along with Night Hack are responsible for keeping her safe and from being wizwatched.

We were still on recovery from the hijacking down in Covington last night, still not totally sure what was in the truck, when we got the go order. You wanna play in the big leagues you don’t get breaks I guess (Though Rook seemed to have this timeline well laid out, we could ahve maybe gotten a bit more warning). Legend, Gut Punch, Hydroid and myself (Team Beta as we are so affectionately called) were joined by Team Alpha Luminaries Rook and Tonic (I swore I thought his name was I-D), for the new years festivities.

The plan: ambush the medical team sent to recover the target, and neutralize her PCP. Walking through two corporate tac teams to do it. Started going pretty well, truck full of guys crashes into the wall after hitting the zap-strip, window goes down to an explosive shotgun round and NSIX is pumped inside. The guys outside the van started shooting back, supported by a drone. I couldn’t get a shot on the drone, but did take out the driver of the van before he could get it rolling again. Hydroid took some fire, then Legend turned the drone and it started cutting down the corpsecers. The two guys in front of the building shot themselves alla Tonic (creepy, even creepier that he posted it on the net). Guess he was too focused though as something came of the netherworld and from what I saw on Link (I was already on bugout order) some glowy buffalo dog gasses him and then comes trotting into the street, Tonic in his mouth. Hydroid recovers the puking wizboy and we are ghosts in the night.

Rumor has it as soon as Rook and Legend figure out what is in the head (did I forget to mention the head in the bowling bag, the Dr was neutralized the hard way) we move again, heres hoping they take a while to crack that thing.



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