My Enemy

So the brains came up with what we needed to do, and apparently it was go into the sealed by the freaking UCAS Military and insert some code into a production facility (oh and pay went from 30 large to 75, that puts the run at 100k plus for 3 days work, I think I will take a year off). Oh and the gangs all here, Full compliment of 9 folks for this one.

The underground is humid and stinky, but what can you do. We made it in pretty easy, came out in the parking garage, scouted around till we took control of an elevator that took us up to the target floor. We passed some folks, probably refugees, we avoided them (Biz is biz, but I feel like we could have done something). Weld through a sealed door on the floor we want and low and behold poison gas (well we assumed it was poison, better safe than sorry) starts leaking out. Moments later the wall starts shrieking, not like an alarm but like something from a nature sim (weird, even weirder how to they record what it’s like to be a wolf?). Legend and Rook are off in dreamland, and wolf crashes the elevator (seriously, how do you even do that?), oh and some other elevator comes up to start sniffing around where we had been.

We climb a level and drop off on the waste management floor to get some hazmat suits. We had heard about the robo tentacle panthers, but seriously, WTF. Might of been cuz we had em outnumbered three to one but they really weren’t that bad, short controlled bursts, that how you do it. After giving up the hazmat suits the Wizzes did wizzy stuff and we went in as is. Seemed to work ok. Other than getting hung up the barnacle bugs on the walls, this was pretty short and pretty simple. Up to the next floor and into another Vater. Everything’s going fine till Link starts flashing that legend is experience heart palpitations. Rook plugs into the system and the elevator comes to a stop, 6th floor. Next thing you know Legend’s Link goes flatline and Rook opens up with the shotgun on the elevator control panel and we pry open the doors and head out.

Next thing you know it’s all gunfire, I was moving ahead when it started, and didn’t really get a clear shot until Rook filled the place with smoke and we bailed. Tonic went down first, a spell of some kind; heartrates all over the Link went erratic for a moment, then Gut Punch, to smg fire. Night Hack dropped two before they got him, and Hydroid took out the enemy wizzer before she went down. Sparks (got her name this time) lit the place up with a giant blast of fire, but it didn’t do much other than get her torn open (wolf carried her, I saw the wound, it’s a wonder she survived).

Gut Punch and Sparks are likely gonna spend some time in the ICU. Tonic needs medical attention too, but he’s not critical, so he’s stuck in the waiting room. So far we haven’t seen Hydroid or Night Hack. I will keep scanning the shadows, their some money with their name on it lying around. Everybody else was pretty ok. We weren’t heroes like some others, but we were legends tonight. Maybe what we can provide will help someone else. Maybe what we did in there will help the people inside. I hope so.

**Update 17-2-60. Gut punch woke up today. The Dr says Sparks is past the worst danger, but keeps insisting that if they could use all the procedures available to them it would improve her odds. The Medmage says her aura remains strong, and that he is certain she will pull through.

No sign of Hydroid. The video feed is gruesome; it broke my heart when we were watching it again. She took about 30 rounds in the upper body, and redlined on Link. I know she was more machine than girl, but I don’t think she made it. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met (don’t hear that about a lot of milspec death-borgs). How did she get mixed up with us?

No sign of Night Hack either, the footage is less conclusive, it looks like he is going down as the smoke fills the area, link loses him, but that could be a connection problem (we lost link moments after that anyway, interference). He was the most deadly man I ever met with his bare hands, I never saw him touch an enemy more than twice.



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