Black Merlin

Magician with a non-combat focus


A grade A spellslinger, with an emphasis on knowing your secrets and not telling his, Black Merlin comes with the best references the shadows have to offer. Almost too good really, I mean nobody’s perfect. That said, I don’t wanna be the guy to challenge him on his references, you do whatever you feel though.


“If I didn’t know better I would think your name is some race thing.”
“It is.”
“Drek Ya. See motherfrager walks into this place, white motherfrager, does he say ‘I’m looking for Merlin?’ No, he says, I’m looking for a black guy, calls himself Merlin. CALLS HIMSELF. White guy named Merlin don’t put up with that drek. Now, this Merlin motherfrager, this guy is thinking of, the French, hundreds of years ago, said he was a half demon from the future. Think about that. These guys read the bible, they knew about the Corduban Sultanate, the Curse of Ham. They call this guy a half demon. You think a white guy ever call another white guy a half demon? That means this Merlin guy was. . . was outside the sight of God, he was a wise magician outside the sight of God. You know what that means? Moor, Mumlak, the Other, aka not-white. But the guy asking the question, he doesn’t know any of that, and just assumes that some motherfragger named Merlin is white, and a black guy must just call himself Merlin, so he has to make sure he is clear, and asks for a black guy, calls himself Merlin. So I save ‘em some time, just put the black in there in advance, so they don’t have to feel all racist about being racist about my name.”
“That or it’s the common name for Falco columbarius suckleyi, either way.”

Black Merlin

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