Hollywood's Most Wanted (HMW)

Small-Time Media Savvy Thrill Gang


A neo-tribal gang with a heavily native (claiming) population. Based out of The Hollywood (hill) / Cottage lake area they are a mix of traditional culture, and modern technology. Operating a pirate trid-tube they broadcast everything from neo-tribal ceremonies to daring (jackasslike) stunts. They are highly media conscious, and engage in relatively little crime, funding their activities through advertising revenue and license agreements. Recently “underground” footage of daring offroad stunts (both truck and cycle) made it’s way into a major ad campaign by a local car dealer.

The Gangs membership is split between “Gifted” (Stuntmen, Drivers, Martial Artists) and “Wise” (Media Producers, Hackers, Performers). Sarah Silverheels is the Gang’s leader


Hollywood's Most Wanted (HMW)

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