Elfy Elf Adept


Street Name: Radon
Civilian Name: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown – Presumed Tir Tairngire
Ethnicity: Unknown – Presumed Eurasian
Race: Elf/Nobilis
Native Language – English, though prefers Sperethiel.
Distinguising features: Known to wear a long topknow with fiber-optic / ruthenium polymer components.
Prominent Skills: Infiltration, Carromeleg, Astral Security

Radon entered Seattle’s Shadow Scene in ’53. He entered the public eye in ’57 when he was part of a group that prevented a major terrorist attack at the King Dome. He was subsequently arrested by Lone Star for doing so, but quickly released amid a storm of political protest. He soon faded into the shadows again, turning up occasionally in the employ Sierra Inc. and known to do pro-bono work for Delreadh An Tuarthell hospital.



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