My Enemy

The Last Great Hurrah

February 1st 2060. It is a sweltering 33 degrees an hour after sunset, and the sidewalks run black as the rain mixes with Ranier’s ash cloud to produce a precipitation that would be reminiscnent of sleet, if you had ever heard of sleet, of course.

The City is the final stages of preparing for tomorrow’s Lunar New Year festivities. Tonight you have the final planning meeting for tomorrows work. Your not sure if the dates are coincidental or not. This is the big time. The Man with the Plan, aka Johhny Qvist, aka ones of the pillars of the nanosecond buyout, if rumors are to be believed, has brought you on board for an operation. Must be major, if rumor is to believed this guy never acts small.

There are more people in the room than seems reasonable, I mean your not invading the Carib league or anything, right? No, no looks like your part in the first stage is an extraction, and half the folks here are running a concurrent op. Better start paying attention, they are talking about your insertion strategy.


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