We open on a hot but quiet December 27, 2069. The Christmas rush has passed, but the real battle for your gift card and return dollars hasn’t begun yet. The shadows are quiet, but the tensions run high.

The 2070 Corporate Court Spring Summit (CCSS) is slated to Officially start March 1, and run through June though ancillary events will occur before and after. Wuxing was awarded the permits to the unofficial opening ceremony set to coincide with the Lunar New Year on Feb 11, which is expected to dominate AR and Realspace throughout the city. A Massive manmade island has been built to serve as one of thee major hubs for the event, along with Boeing Field and Seattle Center. Anticipating to see a quarter of a million additional visitors over a four month the city is expectant of a major cash infusion, and everywhere that can house a coffin motel has been trying to clean up to get a piece of the action. MCT and Boeing are the official primary sponsors, and have laid out huge amounts of capital (social and economic) to make this a big event. Beyond the big 2 nearly every corp big and small with a presence in Seattle (and a few scouting territory) have made a big deal of the event.

Governor Strouthers is hoping the event will take some pressure off of his administration. Lone star is hoping that they can keep security tight enough to keep their contract. Boeing is hoping to gain some more credibility with the Corporate Court (unsubstantiated rumors of a merger with a yet unnamed financial services company in Asia have buoyed FB stock recently). MCT is looking to improve its image after the Tsimshain incident. A lot of folks are banking on this being a success. Of course just as many would benefit from it’s failure.

Starting recently a militant splinter group of the Seattle Separatists is staging actions against UCAS government interests. A popular movement, rumor links them to every megacorp and even to the Strouthers administration. Rumors also place their numbers in the thousands. Neither Lone Star nor the Metroplex Guard have been quick or overly cooperative when dealing with the attacks, leaving General Darcy and his men to respond. The response so far has done nothing more than to further fuel separatist feelings in the city.

The Emerald Heart, another underground extremist policlub, small but with exceptional magical resources, is looking to drive the Corps out of Seattle and become a ‘free’ city, akin to Portland, where Corporations have to yield their extraterritoriality to operate. They operate freely in the barrens, and have found support the poor, neo-tribal’s, and supposedly elves, with unsupported rumors linking them to the Tir government. Stories tell of their mages using powers that are virtually unknown, and casting spells of immense magnitude without repercussions.

The two groups seems to have no connections at current.

My Enemy

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