>>This is gonna be a big year, I need you to get a team together, start working the street, develop some trust. I will keep in touch once I have something direct.<< J. Qvist >5/27/64<

And a big year it is going to be, cash strapped, but resource rich, corporate newcomer Novatech (which is in essence Fuchi NA) has announced an 80B¥ IPO to happen in November. Major players around the globe are lined up to profit, some betting on success and others failure. Novatech itself is also furious in the shadows, still fighting a covert war against their former corporate siblings Shiawase (Which absorbed Fuchi Europe along with Korin Yamana), and Renraku (home of Fuchi Asia powerhouse Shikei Nakatomi) and fending off the hungry predators who see this move as a sign of weakness.

My Enemy

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