My Enemy

Operation Black Hole

The Man with the Plan’s persona is emotionless as he waits for everyone to join the matrix meet, he launches into the situation without pleasantries.

“We are looking to do a favor for the Woman in the Blue Dress.” (Common knowledge 8 or 6 with a corp specialty, or knowledge corp 4). We go in a pull a file off a secure host in the Cavilard Research Center." His presentation software flashes with the following details

  • The file we need is on the “executive” host. Which is not mainstream matrix connected. There is a system the can bridge the unit in the facility, but it would require physical access to control.
  • Unrecorded visits from Corp Lux Aerodynes happen on a semi regular basis. A researcher there was overheard to say that they were working on something that would put Renraku back on the map. This is unverified (though the Woman in Blue’s interest might indicate they are on to something).
  • Russel Overland Freight is responsible for transporting in and out supplies. Sometimes the deliveries are made using Armored Transports.
  • They were having a constant problem with false security alarms caused by the Air conditioning unit, rumor has it this led to the disabling of the security sensors (motion and thermal).
  • Applied Security Concepts provides most of the local security, and the quick physical and matrix response as well. Shifts change at 5am, 1pm and 9pm. Applied Security has recently had major layoffs and asset sell-offs. Officially this is an effort for a leaner force, suspicion is the executives are planning to dump the staff and sell their contracts to one of the big firms, Lone Star or Knight Errant. Morale is at an all time low.
  • Before ASC was contracted there was a scandal with a high profile bit of game software ending up in the hands of Transys Neuronet. The Director of security was handed a Tanto, and refused to honor his failure. They say the guy disappeared into the shadows.

“We were in negotiation with a decker to buy a system map of the matrix host, before he reportedly got scragged by Aztech. The computer system was a pre-arcology fiasco model. More accurately it was supposed to be one of the most advanced models of it’s day, and possibly one of the Ultra-violet hosts that make up the Renraku Black Hole.”

“Our goal is to get in to the Executive host and pull the file requested by our friend. We also want to find if the system actually connects to the semi-mythical Black Hole. If it does, and you think you can survive, go as deep as you can manage.”

“The best scenario would be to be invisible. Quiet and slick. The Lady in Blue is willing to pay 175k for completion, and a 75k bonus for doing it quiet. Oh there is one more thing, the run needs to go off at exactly 2am Tuesday August 26. So you have three days.”


“What is the Black Hole?” The Man with the Plan shifts briefly into storyteller mode. “Living in Seattle, or most anywhere in UCAS, it’s hard to still imagine Renraku as a AAA mega, of course, the arcology fiasco was a big hit, but in the fortunes of a company that large, it wasn’t all that much, and in most of the world it is long forgotten. Here though, here we have a legacy of public officials standing in front of the building, office seekers including footage in campaign ads, others corps holding December 20 vigils. Here it’s like Renraku barely exists anymore.”

“They did little to change that perception. Quite the opposite, if one imagined that Renraku’s response to the event was the same globally as it was locally, one would imagine they ceased to operate as a Megacorp. They didn’t of course, but they closed up shop here fast. Shuttering plants, facilities, divesting themselves of subsidiaries. And in a few of those cases they were in such a hurry they they did it sloppy.”

“I have, I can’t explain how, but I have reason to believe Cavilard is one such place. There were rumors, that Sherman Huang used to visit this place on a regular basis, and the reason was the Black Hole. A global Ultra-Violet host accessible only through it’s distributed components. It is the digital heart of the biggest digital company in the world.”

Operation Black Hole

Rook, Lincoln, Ixta, Razor: 5 Xp, 50,000 Nuyen.
Bo 5 xp 42,000 nuyen.

Consider an upgraded lifestyle.

Operation Black Hole

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