My Enemy

War is Bad for Business

“Thanks for coming over guys.” Eliska places out a tray of prepack but high quality hors d’oeuvres. “I have been thinking about this for awhile, and recently have come across some information that makes me think it is time to act.”

“You guys will have totally noticed the increase in gang violence recently. Almost impossible not to. Earlier tonight the Fetid Vikings machine gunned a choir practice in Bellevue because the younger sister of one of the leaders of the Leopard Hearts was there. This in retaliation for a Leopard hit against the father of one of the Vikings in a hospice facility. They are killing families.”

“Lone Star has requested that the governor roll out the Metroplex Guard, or even appeal to the UCAS Army for widespread intervention. You have to know how that ends, half the city becomes downtown militarized zones, the whole city goes up in a flash of war.”

When the hors d’oeuvres are done she leads you from the dining room, through the living room and to the bar, “Would you care for anything?” When drinks are made she continues. “This all started with a some folks calling themselves Elven Fire, whose name was scrawled across the wall at the jump house bombing. A week later Seoulpa Ring Lottery out of Redmond, with the Leather Devils acting as bagmen, had their secret matrix account cleared out, with a dumb-frame of a elf in green and black wreathed in flames where the cred shoulda been.”

“Turns out NewsNet had received a message shortly before the Jump House hit that saying the city would be cleansed by the searing heat of an Elven Fire. Apparently it was filed under cranks.”

“Then the actual hits started. Smaller gangs getting hit, drive-by’s stash house robberies, by Elves in black and green, but with the ancients symbol if present, wreathed in flames, and other times some form of stylized EF.”

Eliska leads you out to the south terrace, with a magnificent view of the nearby glitter and shine, the distant decay, and the steady glow of Mt. Rainier, seeming much closer than it is. “About three weeks ago the Ancients rivals the Meat Junkies got hit, then the Tigers, and Emerald Dogs. Since then there has been reports of conflicts with the Red Rovers, the Hellhounds, Holloweeners and Black Rain.”

“The Ancients claim they are not Elven Fire, and the smaller gangs either out of belief or fear have not struck back, but the bigger gangs have started hitting Ancients operations hard.”

“Now there are a lot of reasons to take action, but I think it is fair to add one bit of disclosure, the fact that the entire Cara’Sir to Seattle smuggling run is shut down, everything from refugees and outcasts to guns, medicine, and fetishes dried up, is making some people I know very uncomfortable.”

Eliska leads you through a different door to leave the Terrace than you took to enter, entering the media room, where she motions for you to sit, but herself remains standing. “Anyway until last night I didn’t have any angle to take. That is when a local runner named St. John, his companion, and six business associates, who appear to be members of the Hanabira-gumi, an affiliate Yakuza group from the south end, were sitting at a corner table when an Obvious Hitman", she emphasizes the words, "Big Elf, White Crewcut, Ancients colors walks in and just hoses down the table. He drops a v-note that says “Even those the Authorities fear are not spared the heat of the Elven Fire.” Dude vanishes, St. John and the yaks are gone, his companion, who I have identified as Lucinda Tangier made it out, though in what shape I can’t tell. “

“Now analysis of the video produced some interesting facts. Bone structure indicates that the apparent elf hitman is only 20% likely to actually be an elf. Plus he was obviously wired. The ancients are well known for great hardware, but I have never heard of them being deep in the cyber arena. “

“I have made contact with a Lone Star Lieutenant, head of special tasks in the south end. He can provide off book analysis and has some contacts in the Governor’s office. He believes that if you can keep him apprised that you are making progress in figuring out what is going on, that he can hold off the Metroplex Guard for a little while. I don’t love that part of the deal, but frankly, we are too close to this thing boiling over to not accept any delays we can.”

“Can I count on you guys?”

The Man With The Plan’s Condo

(Large portions copyright Fasa 1992)


Rook, Lincoln, Bo: 5 Xp, 20,000 Nuyen. Ixta 10 xp 20,000 nuyen. Razor 10 xp, (We’ll talk money later). Lifestyle expenses are due (2 months for Ixta).

War is Bad for Business

The team headed down to the Witches Brew and after a very cautious approach found the club owner, who quickly cracked under pressure and led then to the only survivor of the hit, Lucinda Tangier. An ambush by the Tigers was thwarted by an overly powerful explosive charge, which decimated the gang members, and banged up a few members of the team as well.

Talking to Lucinda they put together St. John’s association with the Jump House bombing, and how immediately afterwards St. John kept saying “he wasn’t supposed to be there” over the phone, and the fact the St. John was likely working for an elven member of the Seattle Government. While reconsidering the shooting video Lincoln recognized the shooter as an old friend. With this new information they made some calls and set up a meet with the Ancients.

Rook took off with Lucinda in an attempt to collect the bounty for her safe return to her wealthy father. This turned out to be suspiciously convenient, since at the early morning meeting the Ancients revealed that the leader of Elven Fire was a fellow by the name of rook. It took a bit of convincing (and mostly the detailed video of Michael Dumont pretending to be an elf), to convince the Ancients that the team was not a group of mercenaries sent to meet them by the leader of Elven Fire. Insisting that the team take along Razor, a member of the Princes of the Blood Vassal gang, and keep Green Lucifer apprised of all developments. The meeting broke up when the Meat junkies attacked, but between the team and a few Ancients mages, the matter was not terribly threatening.

Calling Lt Thark they dropped the name of a few missing ancients gang members, and that they were trying to track elves in the city government. After a bit of a nap for the team Thark called back with an address on one of the Ancients they had been looking for. After finding that half a dozen gangers had been killed in the alley next to the building very recently, decided to split up, sending half to the Stuffer Shack, and the other half into the Obvious Ambush™. Turns out that Razor guy is a pile of murder, and a few minutes later they interrogate a survivor from the attack.

A little fortuitous Google foo later, and they know the location where Rook (the other one) meets with the ancients, a bit about the relationship between the various groups, and who rook actually is (not a member of the government, but a special adviser on Metahuman affairs). They tell Thark (who unwittingly had been feeding progress reports from the team to “Rook”), and set off to the bottling plant.

The Dumont nearly cuts two of them down with his opening salvo, and they give chase trough the abandoned factory, avoiding land mines as they go. A lucky shot from Itxa(and a screw up on the GM’s part regarding the target number) drops Dumont with a single narcoject round. Lincoln calls in another member of the old team to get Dumont out of there, and they head for Rooks place.

(We narrated this scene, given that as a fight scene it had little potential, though perfect place for a sniper, so perhaps I should have given Lincoln a moment to shine). The party arrived at Rook’s place, found a wounded Thark, and a matrix search for the nearest helicopter charter. Arriving there they found Rook being help up Airport security agents unhappy with the unscheduled attempt to leave the country. Green Lucifer showed up unexpectedly, and Rook appeared to recognize him, before getting punched out and hauled off to the cops.

Sufficient evidence was found To satisfy Eliska, the Yakuza, and most of the gangs that didn’t really want to fight the Ancients anyway. The general tone of the city slowly relaxes, and the threat of martial law vanishes. It’s shaping up to be a good summer in Seattle.

War is Bad for Business

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