Wicked February 29 2064

Minutes ago Otaku “Ghost Sweeper” finished his guest lecture on “The Nature of Being Otaku and the Nanovolved Man” @cambridge.uk.edu. Normally I wouldn’t give a toss on something so yawn, buzz is it ran insightful but pedestrian for a bit.

What happened next though was totally spinny, he rattled off onto some sort of barking rant about the coming nanovelution (his word chummers), when all of mankind would be altered by contact with the machine, and the two would synthesize. He’s some sort of messiah (or typhoid mary) of the cyberevolved, the evolutionary trigger.

Now a nutters a nutter, but this fellow came highly recommended, and the speech was sponsored by the Draco Foundation, not the type to be putting forward black helicopter jackanories.

Update As barmy as it is chummers, word in the data havens is that this guys speech went off like a shot, seems the Otaku really want a hero.

Wicked February 29 2064

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