6th W0rld Flashfax January 9 2065

Famous Otaku only 4 years old

Our sources have confirmed that the Otaku Ghost Sweeper was only 4 years old at the time of his death. He gained recognition early last year as the leader of the Seated Harlequin Otaku tribe when he gave a lecture on the nature of the Otaku condition, sponsored by the Draco Foundation @Cambridge.uk.edu, which was retransmitted over the infamous, and now defunct shadowland.

Tyrone Lypka, Ghost Sweepers given name, was born march 9th 2060. Credible sources tell us that he recieved experimental nano therapy prior to his birth, to treat extensive genetic defects. While we were unable to reach of his parent for comment, sources indicate that the nano-therapy likely lead to his hyperadvanced intelectual awareness.

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6th W0rld Flashfax January 9 2065

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