Character Generation

We will follow standard chargen with the following exceptions.

Race: See the Races document.

Traits & Derived Statistics:

Attributes: Normal (they all start at d4 and you have 5 points to raise them one die type each, unless race indicated otherwise).

Skills: Everyone gets the contacts skill at d4, and languages as detailed in the Skills document. Otherwise normal.

Derived statistics: Normal.

Edges and Hindrances: Most characters will take a background, these powerful edges allow a character to follow one of the standard Shadowrun archetypes, and a character may only have one. Hybrid characters can be made by mixing the dominant or most restrictive background with money and edge choices that make one more versatile. (So a burned out mage would take Magician, and then spend money on cyberware, probably needing the rich edge to afford much, lowering their power point total as they went).

A quick list of Backgrounds
B: Magician (Aspected by default a second edge is required for full magician status)
B: Adept (a second feat allows for being a phys mage).
B: Cyberware
B: Rigger
B: Decker

The following backgrounds are not fully fleshed out, and may be created upon request (though some of the work may fall to the requesting player):

B: Technomancer (Psuedo magic hackers/deckers and or rarely riggers. Most in 2064 would be children, but not all).
B: Nano-Evolved (As adepts are to magicians, Nano-evolved are to Technomancers. In 2064 they are children who grew up in the Renraku Arcology (aka SCIRE), in 2070 they could be yound adults from the SCIRE, or children from elsewhere).
B: G-Mod / Chroms (aka genetic mods or chromosomally altered. Perfect humans with genetically activated bioware capabilities, young adults at most in 2064).

Gear: Starting money is ¥20,000, to buy equipment and Lifestyle.

Background details: The Skills document talks about the usage of common knowledge, take advantage of it.

Finishing Touches: Once basic build is complete you can advance your character to seasoned (20 xp, 3 novice advances, and 1 seasoned advance).

Character Generation

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