Background: Decker

You have a DNI and a cyberdeck with persona and programs made as follows, your decking hardware is not subject to SOTA rules. As a dedicated decker, while you might talk about the stats on the latest fairlight, it is assumed your rig is custom programmed and updated. Deckers may not augment their custom systems with purchased components, but could use a purchased/stolen Cyberdeck as usual.

Masking, Evasion, and Body start at d4, and you have 3 points to raise them. Sensors is equal to Smarts, and the decker uses his own spirit. No attribute may exceed the decker’s computer skill, which acts as his MPCP (but with no total maximum on individual stats). Your armor is equal to half your MPCP -1.

Spend 15 points on programs (skills, costs double to raise above linked persona attribute).


Attack (does not determine parry skill)

Evasion does not govern any programs, but it does determine your parry score. Parry=2+ (½ evasion)

Body does not govern any programs, but it does determine your toughness, and is rolled in any situation that would call for a vigor roll. Toughness = 2+ armor + ½ body.

Modules – Modules are hardware/software components that can be purchased with advances and behave as edges. The effects only apply in full VR.

Module (5 xp each):
Reaction increase 1. Requires MPCP/Hacking 6. You get 1 additional action, draw two cards during initiative as normal.

Reaction increase 2. Requires MPCP/Hacking 12, Reaction increase 1. You get two additional actions draw three initiative cards as normal.

Biofeedback filter. You apply your armor value to attacks that target your spirit attribute.

Shield Program. As the block edge

Shield 2.0. Reqs Shield. As the improved block edge.

Stability upgrade: Req: Body d8. Ignore 1 point of wound penalties on the persona.

Improved Stability upgrade: Req: Stability upgrade. Ignore 2 points of wound penalties on the persona.

Reality Filter: Req: Wild Card. Choose when you log in (can’t be changed on the fly), +1 parry, +1 toughness (and roll a d8 wild die for body tests), use d8 wild die with masking skills, or use a d8 wild die with sensor skills.

Edges (Require B Decker):
Upgrade: Can be purchased once per tier starting at rookie. Gain 20 xp to spend on your persona and programs and modules.

Dog Brain: Requires Veteran: You have a high quality agent program that acts as a sidekick.

Decking for non-deckers.
Non-deckers must buy a Cyberdeck base unit which determines MPCP, Persona Chips (a persona chip cannot exceed the MPCP, and the total of persona chips is limited by the MPCP as well) which act as stats, and Software Programs (a program cannot exceed it’s governing persona chip, if a persona chip is less than a d4 than all programs are defaulted to d4-2). Additionally if the MPCP exceed the users computer skill then the computer skill determines the maximum value for persona chips (which in turn sets the maximum value for software programs). Modules are also purchased independently. All of these are subject to SOTA rules. As with deckers the character’s own spirit value is used for spirit.


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