KSAF Global News June 24 2064

Riots in the Streets:

Violence reached new heights in Seattle today as the cities security forces were unable to deal with the massive power failure that disabled the entire regional grid. Our sources report that formerly safe parts of the city were abandoned to chaos as communication failures made security coordination nearly impossible, and Lone star forces reatreated to only the highest contracted neighborhoods. We were unable to reach for official comment anyone in Governor Lindstrom’s administration, or the local lone star office.

Update: UCAS Army drones have been deployed throughout many areas of Seattle, announcing a sunset curfew to be imposed under the order of General Angela Colloton.

At 11 pm local time last night the Seattle power grid catastrophically failed by 6 am this morning Salish based power company Gaeatronics had severed main connections with the state of Seattle to prevent draining the entire northwest power grid.

Seattle has been in the grip of violent gang activities for several months now, though Lone Star the local security contractor had been able to contain the violence to select low enforcement hot zones.

KSAF Global News June 24 2064

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