KSAF NW Night June 17 2064

“Violence wracked the Seattle metroplex for the fourth continuous day as intergang warfare claimed at least 22 more lives. Major flare-ups were reported in Snohomish near the shadow lake, where the notorious go-gang the Blood Rumblers clashed with their street rivals the Gothic Phantoms, resulting in the deaths of two Rumblers and three passersby.”

“In the Elven District the Ancients greeted an apparent truce parley by their archrivals the Meat Junkies with a hail of gunfire and deadly magic that left three of the junkies dead and two others hospitalized. Word on the street continues to point to the Ancients as one of the principal instigators of the current rash of Seattle gang violence.”

“A member of the Ancients giving his name only as Falchion, told one of out field crews that quote ‘If blood is what they demand as tribute, then by god blood is what they shall get. We Ancients did not start this, but we will finish it. And when we do, the only colors not stained red will be ours.”

“Other gangs not directly involved with the Ancients seem to have taken their cue for violence from the elven gang’s activities. Across Seattle, and even in some cases spreading into immediately neighboring Salish-Shidhe territory, gangs seem to be using the general atmosphere of chaos as an exercise to settle scores, reclaim or conquer turf, or simply strike fear into the hearts of the innocents around them.”

“When finally reached for comment Carol Lake spokesperson for Lone Star Security, stated that the terms of Lone Star Security Services contract with the metroplex of Seattle do not encompass prolonged violence on this scale. Ms. Lake also added that although Lone Star’s local contracted assets were being pushed to the breaking point, Lone Star would continue to strive to maintain order within Seattle."

“Reports have also surfaced that Lone Star chief William Loudon has personally advised Governor Ivar Lindstrom to consider mobilizing the Metroplex Guard should Lone Star’s efforts to control the violence fail. Lone Star has allegedly brought all Lone Star officers and employees onto active duty, cancelling vacations, leaves of absence, and in some cases retirements in order to bring their manpower up to the levels they believe necessary to take on the gangs head-to-head.”

“Coming up, mopre on the gang violence in Loveland and John Whimmer tells us why today’s air may be the best you’re going to breath all year. . .”

(Copyright FASA 1992)

KSAF NW Night June 17 2064

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