NewsNet Sports July 13 2064

July 13 – England is Victorious
England triumphs over Israel 1-1 with 4 penalty kicks to three, in a final match that must have made fans of defensive play happy, because it left the rest of us bored to tears. Most media subscribers were upset when last minute ruling by the Amazonian Legal Authority ruled that the special opening and halftime events were not included as part of the broadcast agreement. Those who were present say that the magical show was amazing, only fueling the anger of the average home viewer who missed the event.

Yesterday Aztlan defeated Australia for third place, an honor they seem dejected to accept.

Sources speculate that most of the magical entertainment would not have shown up on trid, and that the legal ruling was merely cover for Globotrid, who was not prepared to capture the full magical effects in their coverage.

July 9 Aztlan Crushed after Lackluster Pperformance
Favorite Aztlan, with their second ejection is as many games, is upset 2-0 by sweetheart Israel in a match where the fans would be confused for identifying the teams colors, given that Aztlan, the heavily leveraged favorite played like they hungover.

Yesterday England defeated Australia (1-1) by penalty kicks. England’s heavy strong defense continues as this was only the second goal allowed by Goal Keeper Vedran Corluka has has allowed in the cup so far.

July 5 Israel Upsets Uraguay, England Continues Defensive Streak
19th Ranked Israel upsets 9th Ranked Uraguay 1-0. Englands Vedrum Corluka (Cheddar FC) has now allowed only one goal in the Cup, and none in that last 4 games, can he keep the streak alive?

Australia defeats Henan 3-1
England defeats Italy 2-0
Aztlan defeats Columbia 2-1
Israel defeats Uraguay 1-0

July 1 Israel Defeats Arabia
In the most politically charged match of the year Israel deated Arabia 2-0 in the semi finals today. Also advancing are Australia, Aztlan, Columbia, England, Henan, Italy, and Uraguay.

NewsNet Sports July 13 2064

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