NewsNet Sports March 18 2064

In the second last minute entry into the 2064 Wold Cup in Amazonia, Fabian Johnson managed 7 saves in the 2-1 CAS defeat of UCAS in a virtually penalty free game.

UCAS being led by Sounders star forward Felipe Caicedo we a slight favorite in the match. Caicedo scored the only UCAS goal.

Last Week Henan defeated Sichuan 4-3 establishing the final lineup for this years World Cup.

>>Word is that after the match a ‘scheduled relocation’ of Caicedo was cancelled. On the other hand, Fabian’s contract with the Houston Dynamos is up this year, assuming he can get his family out of a secure AEG (subsidiary of Horizon) luxury residential housing facility, he will be in a great position to negotiate a AAA contract upgrade.<<
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NewsNet Sports March 18 2064

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