Six Nations News June 5 2064

Nuxalt Brave Armed Border, Civil Unrest, To Attend Qatuwas Festival.

Two ocean-going canoes and one support vessel carrying fifty members of the Nuxalt Tribe set out today on the 10 day journey to Council Island SS for the 2064 Qatuwas festival. If they make it through the perilous waters and political climate they will join five hundred canoes from all over the world, including attendees from Hawaii and the Kingdom of tonga. That if is te hard part, Border tensions between the Tsimshian and Salish are at an all time high, and the Nuxalt are odd ducks being a Salish tribe themselves, who did not relocate to SS territory as the Native Nations were taking shape.

The Salish have declared the Nuxalt journey protected, and the Tsimshian have warned Salish forces not to cross the border. But even without the potential for an international incident over the canoe voyage, there are the dangers of Tsimshian waterways to deal with, in addition to Krakens and other dangerous sea life, conflict between the tribes of Tsimshian have recently erupted into brutal violence, with Haida and Tsimshian forces clashing on a nearly daily basis.

The Nuxalt journey and the risks they endure to attend the Qatuwas festival really highlights the great importance of People Gathering Together.

This Years Qatuwas festival is being held on Council Island, Salish Shidhe, from June 15th to the 21st.

Six Nations News June 5 2064

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